Timid dog who has spent entire life in rescue desperately searches for new home

Timid dog who has spent entire life in rescue desperately searches for new home

Phoebe gets stressed without the company of other dogs and needs to find a welcoming home to nurture her

A timid dog who has spent her whole life in shelters is still waiting to find out what it’s like to have a home.

Phoebe is a five-year-old mixed breed dog who spent her entire life in a Romanian shelter before arriving in the UK at Oakwood Dog Rescue.

The Hull-based rescue wonders if the dog will ever experience what it’s like to have a family.

A spokesperson for the centre said: “In one way that’s nice because she didn’t have to go through the heartbreak of being abandoned but it makes us so sad that she’s five-years-old and doesn’t know what it’s like to have a loving family and a home.”

Phoebe is roughly the size of a springer spaniel, and is looking for a home with another dog to be her best friend, as she can get stressed when not in the company of other canines.

The wary dog is searching for an understanding home, where she can explore the world at her own pace.

Oakwood added: “Phoebe is timid, and gets a lot of confidence from other dogs and will allow slight touch if another dog is around.

“She cannot walk on a lead at the moment and needs time and space to get used to being around people and trust them before this happens.

“Phoebe has been introduced to lots of dogs at the rescue since she arrived and she has loved every dog we have introduced her to – she is submissive and will run over and lay on her back to tell the other dog she is not a threat.

“At the moment she doesn’t know how to play much but would enjoy a home with a playful dog that will teach her it’s okay to let go and relax.”

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Phoebe had no hope of finding a place to call home whilst in rescue in Romania, but Oakwood Dog Rescue hopes that her relocation to the UK will see her settled on her own sofa soon.

The five-year-old dog can live with older, sensible teens, but can’t live with cats, and needs to be on a diet at home to help her lose a few pounds.

The charity added: “She’s a small to medium size but arrived very overweight so will need to continue a diet in the home to help her shed some excess weight which will make it easier on her joints.

“She could live with sensible teens that will not force her to interact. Pushing Phoebe could really frighten her; she will progress at her own pace and has promised to be a lovely dog.

“If you could show this little girl what it’s like to be loved for the first time in her life please complete an application on our website .”