Mum says ‘petty’ neighbour parks so close to her car it leaves her trapped

Mum says ‘petty’ neighbour parks so close to her car it leaves her trapped

A support worker from Hull says her neighbour “targets” her car by parking so perilously close that she can’t use it, and she is completely in the dark as to the motivation behind it

A fed-up mum says she feels trapped in her home due to a neighbour consistently parking his car so close to hers she’s unable to use it – and she has no idea why.

Tracey Featherstone, who lives in Hull, says her neighbour arrives home every evening at about 6pm and parks his car as close to her vehicle as possible, leaving just an inch gap, despite there being plenty of room on the street.

The support worker has also found scratches down the side of her car and she says last week an unknown substance was splatted on the bonnet, as reported by Hull Live.

Tracey has been left baffled by the motivation behind the silent feud, claiming the pair have barely had a conversation in the past, and described the parking habit as “petty” and uncalled for.

The space between the two parked cars is often so tight the mum says it leaves her unable to drive and that she’s even had to starting planning her journeys around the times her neighbour’s car has been moved.

Having discussed the issue with others living close by, Tracey said the neighbour in question “seems to target my car” as no one else on the road reported any problems with the man in question.

She explained: “I park my car at the back of my house in a car park. I parked my car up at 6pm in a good space, he comes home and puts his work van right at the side of mine with me unable to drive it out.

“I have a scratch along the side too. I am very angry.

“He had no motivations at all and we don’t really talk as I don’t know him – he seems to target my car only.”